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Cope with Blockchain, Learn with SecureBlocks Academy

About Us

SecureBlocks Academy is an initiative to educate & enlighten personages about the technology of the decade i.e. Blockchain. Idea is to make people aware so that they can adopt the Blockchain and can contribute to the revolution. More people thinking about Blockchain, better the implementations we can have. All that is required to achieve this, will be provided by SecureBlocks Academy.
What we offer
Lead Instructor
Lead Instructor
Sunil Aggarwal
Author of 'Bitcoin Magnet'

Our Advisors

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Mani Madhukar
Architect & Developer Advocate
IBM India Pvt Ltd.
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Bikramaditya Singhal
Director- India operations
The IT Academy


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Aditya Rathod
SecureBlocks organized a Blockchain event in my college. It was an amazing experience. We not only got to know about Blockchain but We were also introduced with Solidity. We learned about ETH blockchain and Smart Contracts. Overall it was amazing to learn. Thank you.
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Prashant Awasthi
Well said,"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher". Being mentored by Aniket sir was something best that happened to me when i started with blockchain.
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Gurpreet Singh
My heartfelt gratitude towards Mr.Satyam Agarwal who helped me to learn and understand Blockchain in a best possible way.

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SecureBlocks Academy
SecureBlocks Academy is a Blockchain education venture of Cqurelab IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Our purpose is to make people more aware about the Blockchain so that together we can explore the possibilities and come out with some great implementation.
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